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Special Christmas Photo Collage

Simply stated... we think we have the BEST Santa.  He laughs with those who laugh, and he cries with those who cry.

Santa Christmas Card Photo

Many of our clients have had us photograph their Christmas portraits for over 10 years.  

It is fun for us to watch the creativity of how they wish to be captured as their families go from

toddlers to teenagers and still have fun with Mr. Claus!

"My grandma has always had the tradition of making a gingerbread house.  We thought it would be a fun idea to incorporate into our Christmas photos."

"When we created our Christmas Card, we wanted to add all our different interests right into one photo.  From fishing, reading, piloting, and calligraphy, each hobby is wildly blended together... just like our family."

Unique Christmas Card Photography

"No one makes custom Christmas cards better than Heikkila Studios.  Pam pays close attention to all the subtleties to make it just right!"

Christmas Card Photos
Crying Baby Santa Photo
Cute Christmas Dog Photo

Easter Bunny Photos

Easter Bunny Photography
Easter Bunny Children Photos
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